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Docxmanager, looks nice

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Posted by Edwin Yip
Jan 7, 2021 at 05:20 PM


DocxManager developer here. For another time I’ve spent 1+ months for the redesigning of a more convenient and simplified user interface for DocxManager:

Lots of improvements and bugfixes since the first v2.0 release. Some highlights:
- Aware of any file/folder copying/deleting/renaming on disk in the project folder.
- Corkboard: Ask the user which background color to use when adding new index cards.
- Corkboard: Allow adding “folder cards”.
- Simple metadata are shown at the top, while multi-line metadata such as Synopsis and HTML page generation properties are on the right sidebar.
- Added: Auto extract synopsis from document content.
- Added: Convert pre-authored document synopsis on the index cards into document content if it’s empty.

Version 2.0 initial release.
- Redesigned/simplified the main user interface, resulted in a cleaner and compact workspace (see screenshot below)
- Supports opening multiple projects in the same time.
- Enhanced corkboard – displays the status, labels and tags on the cards.
- Enhanced document search – for example, search the word ‘do’ also matches ‘doing’ and ‘done’.
- Enhanced multi-column outliner – you can now edit and view/edit all metadata in the outliner view.
- The development of this new version involved a lot of other improvements not documented here.

I’m so happy that DocxManager has a very flexible architecture, expect more and more features to come!