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Workflowy just entered the transclusion game

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Posted by nathanb
Jan 6, 2021 at 05:26 PM


Agreed, Roam didn’t come up with a new idea.  Just helped popularize it.  I’m so relieved that after all these years transclusion and backlinking are finally considered a necessary feature for PKM software. 

Cyganet wrote:
Forgot to mention: Backlinks and transclusion are not the same.
>ConnectedText shows lists of forward links, backlinks and inclusion
>links (what it includes, and where it is included) as separate lists in
>the summary pane. 
> >It doesn’t show “unlinked mentions” but it does have a “like this” list
>where it lists topics deemed to be similar based on topic content.  It
>also has an “Auto Link” feature where it scans the text and adds links
>to topics that match the text.
> >All this excitement about Roam is good for getting attention for
>outliners, but in terms of features ConnectedText already has it
> >