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Workflowy just entered the transclusion game

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Posted by nathanb
Jan 6, 2021 at 05:17 PM


Thanks so much for the great reply Pierre!  My apologies for mislabeling your amazing work.

Pierre Paul Landry wrote:
nathanb wrote:
>>InfoQube= Transclusion (Sorry if I got this wrong Pierre)
> >Transclusion is not specific to outlines, but is the action of including
>a document inside another: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transclusion
> >In the context of an outline:
>1- We say an item has multiple parents (because that’s how it is). It
>also makes it clear that it isn’t a “clone”, but the “same” item
>2- All parents are equal except for one which is referred to the main
>parent and is used to show context (in outlines)
>3- Parents are shown in the Properties pane as an inverted tree
>Details here: https://infoqubeim.com/drupal5/?q=node/115
> >Regarding “true” transclusion (re: Wikipedia def.) IQ implements it with
>grids (and other UIs) where:
>1- Items can be shown in multiple grids, and
>2- Each grid is capable of showing a different list of items (sub-set of
>all items in the database)
> >
>IQ Designer