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TheBrain on sale through cyber Monday

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Posted by Jon Polish
Nov 27, 2020 at 09:40 PM


Sorry, minor edit to correct typos and to delete an unfinished sentence.

Are you trying to convince yourself of TheBrain’s shortcomings? No software comes without compromise – none. Not TheBrain, InfoQube, Ultra Recall, Excel, Word, Scrivener, MyInfo, Mindmanager, Freeplane, FileMaker, LibreOffice, RightNote, WhizFolders GS-Base, etc. I use them all and they have helped me considerably. I prefer to use programs that can perform the functions I need to get work done. The problem may be that we have too many options available.

So while you may consider me foolish for purchasing an upgrade, my needs will be met. I am certain there are others who feel similarly.

It is easy to find fault in anything. In the USA, that seems to be the current way of thinking which leads to partisan politics resulting in no forward movement. Your insights can be valuable but please do not condemn the programmers who, for a variety of reasons, do not implement your vision. Finally, greater clarity in your writing, and brevity would, in my opinion, yield more substantive and productive dialogue with others on this forum

Thank you.