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TheBrain 12 - Beta Testing Started

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Posted by Harlan Hugh
Nov 21, 2020 at 08:21 AM


With regard to performance, TheBrain scales very well to hundreds of thousands of thoughts/notes and does not require a high spec machine. In fact, there is almost no relationship between the number of thoughts in a brain and performance.

I’d guess the CPU usage numbers you to which you are referring to are during animation of the visual interface, which occurs only when you switch thoughts and which Amontillado points out can be adjusted to be as fast as you like. Since most other applications do not feature an animated UI, this does not affect them (It seems Tinderbox’s graphical UI is static as far as I have seen and does not do animated transitions). As for comparing TheBrain UI to 3D rendering applications, those applications utilize the graphics card which is specially optimized for rendering 3D and does not show on the CPU usage. Since we render text primarily the graphics card is unable to assist as significantly.

Skywatcher Wrote:

> Harlan : Unless I’m mistaken, it was re-implemented in a different way than in V.11. In V.11 you could setuup the behavior so that in case a thought has both a Note and Content (web links ex.), you could prioritize one over the other on hover. In my case it was setup to always show the web content in the built’in browser even if a note is also present.

If a note is present it always takes precedence over the first attachment. This functionality has not changed in version 12.

However if you want to achieve this, you can remove the content of the note and move it into a markdown attachment that you make into the second attachment - keeping the first attachment as the web content. The additional markdown attachment functions just like the normal note except that it can be set to a different priority in terms of what is shown on hover.