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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
May 5, 2008 at 05:42 PM


Stephen R. Diamond wrote:
>Have you had the chance
>to compare Aquamind’s NoteTaker to CircusPonies Notebook? They started out as one
>project, and the two developers split. Since then they seem to have diverged further.
>NoteTaker is said to emphasize information management more than Notebook, which
>tries to be more of an outliner too. This is all hearsay, but at least one poster raved
>about CircusPonies Notebook.


Notebook looks set for a major upgrade (see this page: http://www.circusponies.com/notebook30.html). These additional functions will put it way ahead of NoteTaker, in my opinion, and approaching OneNote in power.

By the way, I have ended up buying DevonThink afterall. Its features really blow away the competition. One thing it appears to lack—unless I’ve missed it (entirely possible)—is cross-database searching. If indeed missing, this is a major drawback and one that puts it behind several Windows information managers (UR, MyInfo to name two).

I really like my MacBook, and the operating system is so much nicer to use than Windows. But I don’t think the software applications are as sophisticated as much of what I use on Windows. There are exceptions, of course. DevonThink’s AI functions are powerful and not to be found in Windows. Scrivener’s GUI and overall functionality is unique to Macs. And most of the Mac software seem to use OS X’s nice editor—so almost all of the applications have the same editing fuctions, including a full array of extended selection features. This is very helpful… I find it very distracting to have to remember if triple-clicking in an application will or will not select the whole paragraph, for instance.

Steve Z.