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CRIMP Defined




TheBrain 12 - Beta Testing Started

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Posted by Skywatcher
Nov 19, 2020 at 01:09 PM


Harlan : Unless I’m mistaken, it was re-implemented in a different way than in V.11. In V.11 you could setuup the behavior so that in case a thought has both a Note and Content (web links ex.), you could prioritize one over the other on hover. In my case it was setup to always show the web content in the built’in browser even if a note is also present.

In V.12 however,  the Hover will always show the Notes even if both Notes and Content are present in the thought. It will ONLY show the content if no notes are present in the thought. I remember reading on your forum that the whole “show content on hover ” feature was removed because some people find it confusing. And even now that it is re-implemented it removed the flexibility that was in V.11
I believe that the best way to make the people that found it confusing less confused is by making the choice of prioritizing Notes or Content clearer, not by removing the feature, or reimplementing only one behavior.

Harlan Hugh wrote:

>The hover feature has been fully restored in version 12 and works better
>than before. Not sure why some people got the impression that it does
>not work for web links and other content as that is not the case.
> >Disclosure: As one of the founders of TheBrain, I may be slightly
>biased. ߘœ
> >Regards,