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TheBrain 12 - Beta Testing Started

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Posted by Harlan Hugh
Nov 18, 2020 at 08:57 AM


For those who are curious about the new features in 12 but don’t want to invest too much time, we recently put up a 5 minute tour of the top new features: https://www.thebrain.com/products/thebrain/thebrain12

If you’ve been following TheBrain for a while here is a quick recap of the most recent releases: Version 11 added a custom-built Markdown editor that offers in-place previewing, tables, images, and synchronized, near-identical notes-editing functionality on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Version 12 adds backlinks, mentions, and a redesigned content area with the ability to operate fullscreen without the plex.

Based on user feedback, TheBrain 12 has been the most highly-regarded update we have ever done.

Skywatcher wrote:

>Only for notes however. “Hover” for the embedded Webbrowser, Html links,
>etc.. is still gone, unless I missed something. You now need select the
>Thought, then click on the links for every Thought you want to visualize
>the weblink. All you had to do before is fly-over the various Thoughts.

The hover feature has been fully restored in version 12 and works better than before. Not sure why some people got the impression that it does not work for web links and other content as that is not the case.

Disclosure: As one of the founders of TheBrain, I may be slightly biased. ߘœ