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(The)BrainDead? (Hopefully not yet)

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Posted by Hugh
Nov 17, 2020 at 11:27 AM


MadaboutDana wrote:
Ah dear, poor old chap – I’ve confused Obsidian with Life
>Notes. Sorry about that!
> >Life Notes in its current beta form is also well worth a look, although
>it’s not yet as polished as Obsidian. Obsidian does, of course,
>allow you to look at multiple notes simultaneously.
> >But Life Notes has a number of interesting refinements. Backlinks are
>nicely implemented, although I prefer Obsidian’s separate lists of
>backlinks (linked mentions) and – genius! – unlinked
>cross-references (unlinked mentions). Life Notes also allows you to open
>a spreadsheet view of notes with the same tag and the same
>“fields” (not unlike the AskSam approach to fields, for
>those who remember good ole’ AskSam), as well as a
>“summary” view based on shared headers. It doesn’t yet
>have a proper search function, although it’s under development.
> >I’m sending the developer notes on weaknesses, but already rate
>Life Notes very highly.
> >Cheers,

Yes, Life Notes does look interesting as a beta. Thanks, Bill.