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Modular Document Creation? Notes Publishing?

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Posted by 22111
Nov 16, 2020 at 11:15 PM


In Excel, it should also be possible to export from 2 adjacent columns, which would be of interest in order to better intercalate “personalized” text bits into the “standard” ones.

column 1 = title, column 2 = text begin of the snippet from column 5, 6, 7…, column 3 = free for additional texts right after the snippet in column 2 of the same row.

This way, those “additions” would be VISIBLE (with their first words at least) when creating the “thing” (commercial offering or whatever), which would not be the case if you added them (which would be technically possible of course) after the respective text in column 2.

From a technical POV, it should be possible to just “activate” the cell in column 2, and then, whenever in column 2 the cell is activated AND there is text in the same row in column 3, too, that text would be inserted, in export, right after the column 2 text, and then “back to column 2”, etc.

Generally speaking, it’s a little unfortunate that in Excel, you only (?) can switch between “no wordwrap” which means “just 1 line of text being visible in the cell” and “wordwrap” which means ALL lines of text being visible in the cell”, and which is certainly not wanted since it would ask for tremendous vertical scrolling; an ideal solution would be “cell height: 2 lines”, so that more of the (often much longer) text is visible, but without too much scrolling.

Independently of this observation, it’s always recommended to visually distinguish standard (column 2) and personalized text bits (by putting them into column 3), AND to also insert the latter in-between the former, and not only before and after the standardized text body, for obvious customer relationship reasons, and even when that’s not strictly necessary from a purely technical POV.