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Slightly Off-Topic: Organizing offline html files

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Posted by Mirce
Oct 27, 2020 at 08:50 AM


Thank you for your suggestions. I have tried Joplin for cross-platform note taking (Windows,Android,iOS). I did try the clipping option couple of years ago and was not impressed; maybe it has been improved in the meantime. Although Joplin ticks most of the boxes (cross-platform, “own cloud” ie you can use dropbox for sync, rudimentary tags, insert attachments etc) , I just cannot commit myself for using it actively. Maybe it’s the lag of the windows (electron) app, or the clumsy editor window.

- Trillium is on my “check-out for CRIMP potential” list, will look into it more closely.
- InfoQube - man this app looks powerful, but I just don’t have the time / willpower to get past the initial window. I read a lot about it on this forum, according to the author it can do a lot of useful things, but for me, it didn’t succeed to strike the balance between user interface (which should invite you to use it) and its underlying power.
- QOwn Notes: never heard of it, will look into the app.
- Notion: online only the last time I checked, so I will pass. I am “too old school” for that

Thanks again for the suggestions!

jbaltsar wrote:
You could give Joplin a try (https://joplinapp.org). It has a web
>clipper which works very nicely and which also cleans and sanitizes the
>HTML. It’s open source and actively developed, only negative: you can
>only have one database, so if you plan to use it also for your personal
>notes etc it can become crouded (but works fine for me so far).
> >Other options (they all have some web clipping features)
>Trilium (https://github.com/zadam/trilium)
>InfoQube and IQOutliner (https://www.infoqube.biz)
>QOwnNotes (https://www.qownnotes.org)
> >So far Joplin feels best for me, but all do the job.