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Slightly Off-Topic: Organizing offline html files

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Posted by jbaltsar
Oct 27, 2020 at 08:28 AM


You could give Joplin a try (https://joplinapp.org). It has a web clipper which works very nicely and which also cleans and sanitizes the HTML. It’s open source and actively developed, only negative: you can only have one database, so if you plan to use it also for your personal notes etc it can become crouded (but works fine for me so far).

Other options (they all have some web clipping features)
Trilium (https://github.com/zadam/trilium)
InfoQube and IQOutliner (https://www.infoqube.biz)
QOwnNotes (https://www.qownnotes.org)

So far Joplin feels best for me, but all do the job.