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CRIMP Defined




Mac Software

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Posted by Stephen R. Diamond
Apr 18, 2008 at 09:18 PM


Kind of surprised no one mentioned tau, which I’ve heard is the most feature-rich Mac outliner.

Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>I have really appreciated all the great suggestions. I’ve learned of some new,
>interesting applications.
> >BTW, though I’m getting a 2007 model, it is coming with
>the Leopard OS… I made sure of that.
> >Because this is a new start for me, I really do
>hope to limit my CRIMPing, and keep the number of programs I’m working with to a
>reasonable group. So, upon further review and based upon the recommendations here, I
>think the leading contenders are as follows:
> >Composition:
>Organization: OmniOutliner
>Notetaking: Circus Ponies Notebook
>because it is cool: Curio
> >I will also get Opal, to support our friend David and
>because I’m an old fan of ACTA.
> >Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback… keep
>them coming if you have any more suggestions.
> >Steve Z.