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CRIMP Defined




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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Apr 18, 2008 at 01:55 PM


I have really appreciated all the great suggestions. I’ve learned of some new, interesting applications.

BTW, though I’m getting a 2007 model, it is coming with the Leopard OS… I made sure of that.

Because this is a new start for me, I really do hope to limit my CRIMPing, and keep the number of programs I’m working with to a reasonable group. So, upon further review and based upon the recommendations here, I think the leading contenders are as follows:

Composition: Scrivener
Organization: OmniOutliner
Notetaking: Circus Ponies Notebook
And, because it is cool: Curio

I will also get Opal, to support our friend David and because I’m an old fan of ACTA.

Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback… keep them coming if you have any more suggestions.

Steve Z.