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Lack of up-to-date outliners

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Posted by WaryJerry
Jul 31, 2020 at 08:03 AM


1. I’ve read through all the posts and advice on here over several years, looking for a Windows outliner that is still available, without any luck.
I do not want a programme that is cloud based. I want all my mistakes to be visible only to me.I know that the cloud is supposed to be secure and private but as I was told when I was working in the real world ‘If you believe that you’ll believe anything my lad’.

I have looked at InfoQube and even used it, fleetingly in the past.
It seems that UltraRecall which I evaluated in the past is the only ‘live’ system available now in Mid 2020.
Does anyone have a modern outliner that is still being maintained in use now?

2. Much software seems aimed at academia where one has to work with publication and/or thesis submission guide lines. To be frank I had enough of that when I was younger.

3. For some years now I have been using a set of programs which although pricey competes on equal ground with MS Word and has been developed over several year by a small team who are really interested . Although it is designed around the needs of academic writing it can be used as a more general word processor.
The suite comprises a word processor, continuous indexing and most useful to me a referencing element which can be configured and not tied to the source being in a PDF or Journal. I use this for creating references which can be manually created. Much of my study involves printed sources, in some cases going back to when Caxton was a boy and thus are very unlikely to have an ISBN
That product is NotaBene. http://www.notabene.com  It works on Windows 7 and 10 and some earlier versions, and they have users working on Macs. It has been used for full length books.
I found this many years ago when suffering from Word frustrations and have used it for my own work ever since.
Unfortunately it does not have an outliner, as far as I know. It’s worth a look.