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SheetPlanner 2.0 Beta 1

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Posted by SheetPlanner
Jul 25, 2020 at 07:06 PM



Just FYI, we took your feedback on the Smart Filters and how the process of saving them via the return key after you have named the filter is not always obvious.
In the next beta, in addition to hitting the return key, there will also be a green checkmark to accept and a red x to exit without saving the filter. If you look at how Numbers handles in cell formula editing it will be almost identical.
Thanks for the feedback. I often wondered was this an unintuitive feature.

Amontillado wrote:
The smart filter issue was a user issue, I believe. When you click the
>‘save’ button, the action to complete the save operation is to hit the
>enter key on the name. I was clicking the ‘save’ button a second time.
>Smart filters work fine on the current release. Just hit ‘enter’ to save
>with the desired name.
> >For some reason, I took the right course on the beta where I didn’t on
>the production version.
> >You’re right about adding custom columns in SheetPlanner, of course, and
>that’s how I would export to Aeon Timeline. I’d add columns for
>Participant, Observer, etc.
> >I missed the checkbox options - thanks for the tip. That’s nice.
> >Great work on the beta - thanks for your efforts.
> >SheetPlanner wrote:
>>Thank you for your feedback on beta 1.
>>I had not seen the issue you describe with 1.x as it relates to smart
>>filters. Is there any way you could send us a video of what you
>>experience in 1.x?