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CRIMP Defined




SheetPlanner 2.0 Beta 1

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Posted by Amontillado
Jul 24, 2020 at 02:29 PM


The smart filter issue was a user issue, I believe. When you click the ‘save’ button, the action to complete the save operation is to hit the enter key on the name. I was clicking the ‘save’ button a second time. Smart filters work fine on the current release. Just hit ‘enter’ to save with the desired name.

For some reason, I took the right course on the beta where I didn’t on the production version.

You’re right about adding custom columns in SheetPlanner, of course, and that’s how I would export to Aeon Timeline. I’d add columns for Participant, Observer, etc.

I missed the checkbox options - thanks for the tip. That’s nice.

Great work on the beta - thanks for your efforts.

SheetPlanner wrote:
>Thank you for your feedback on beta 1.
> >I had not seen the issue you describe with 1.x as it relates to smart
>filters. Is there any way you could send us a video of what you
>experience in 1.x?