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Posted by Hugh
Apr 17, 2008 at 04:26 PM


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>Okay, I too have now joined those who have made the move to Mac. I just ordered a MacBook,
>and I am eagerly awaiting all the fresh CRIMPing I can do on the new machine.
> >I know
>there has been plenty of discussion of Mac software here in the recent past, but I
>wanted to throw out these questions to Mac users out there. What is the best word
>processor available for Mac?

The answers to all these questions depend to some extent on what you want to do, Stephen.

On word processors, are your requirements academic (in which case Mellel might be the best bet), short-form with layout (Pages, Nisus Writer Express or MS Word 2008), long-form (Nisus Writer Pro 3.0, now with comments), fiction (Jer’s, StoryMill or Storyist), MS-avoiding (obvious answers) or drafting for all of the above (Scrivener, of course, still gaining adherents)? And others I know I’ve missed.

What is the best outliner? Again, for what purpose? OmniOutliner Pro or TAO are often regarded as the most comprehensively functional, but Tinderbox is also very clever (if expensive). And of course Opal is good.

What is the best general
>all-purpose PIM? Yet again, it depends what you want it for. The Mac world doesn’t work quite as the Windows world does. Because of the work the OS already does, both under the hood under Leopard, and above it with iCal, Mail and Address Book, Mac PIM software tends to focus on task applications; you’ll have read praise here for Things, and discussion of OmniFocus. There are many many others. But if you want comprehensive-ish apps comparable to those for Windows, there are Daylite, Contactizer and of course MS Entourage. If you mean something slightly different - organizable datastores for example, along the lines of Zoot and its rivals - there are Eaglefiler, DevonThink Pro, Yojimbo, NoteTaker, Circus Ponies’ Notebook and (I’m assuming your MacBook will be new, equipped with Leopard) Together. And others still! Welcome to a new world of CRIMPing…
> >(BTW, I remain a staunch Zooter, because I’ll continue to use Zoot
>at work where it is indispensible to me.)
> >Thanks!
> >Steve Z.