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Buying macOS Software now?

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Posted by Simon
Jun 30, 2020 at 12:07 PM


I’m becoming increasingly disillusioned with Apple. Catalina has been a disaster for me, despite a clean install. Their 48% markup also doesn’t sit well. I don’t like that they now solder RAM into the machine and are introducing chips that monitor hardware that will shutdown your machine and stop it working if you swap out any hardware. Catalina introduced a split partition that only Apple have access to. It’s feels like I’m slowly being sucked into using a machine that they control and I have no control over.

I’ve started migrating most of my data into crossplatform apps such as Evernote, Adobe and am now looking at Notion. I want to be able to switch if I need to. That sadly means that mac only apps now do not end up on my shortlist. I’ve come across so many people wondering if they’ll buy a new machine when their old one expires, due to cost. For the first time I’m thinking of switching from iPhone to Android as the cost is getting ridiculous. I’m also looking at picking up a Linux machine and seeing how feasible it is as my main machine.

I love my iMac, but slowly it is becoming just as glitchy as Windows was when I last used it. iCloud is truly awful. I love macos simplicity, but not sure it is worth the price tag anymore.