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Buying macOS Software now?

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Posted by Listerene
Jun 30, 2020 at 12:57 AM


There are a few reasons that I’ve chosen to use MacOS and a macbook, in addition to more powerful Windows machines: DevonThink, Scrivener (I’ve gave up hope that the 2.5-years-in-progress —stable—Windows Scrivener update will ever occur). Most of all, I bought a macbook because it had the ability to run Windows on macs.

It remains to be seen whether ARM DT or Scrivener will ever happen but that last? Windows on ARM macs? Not gonna happen, probably, at all and certainly not for the 32-bit Windows apps I use. That’s a deal-breaker for me.

Personally, I said “bye Timmy” since the bozos gave their latest WWDC. MacWorld, by the way, agrees with you (though, of course, not me). Read their opinion, here.

Timmy, himself, refused to give a timeline for when x86 mac support would go away (along with 3rd-party sw updates) but DID note that it could be 2 - 200 years. That low-end estimate? That seems oddly near and is unsettling. He COULD’VE just said 5 - 500 years, were that 2 years thing not on the table. After all, he’s heard the rumors about the PowerPC history—and that 5 year timeline—being applied to Intel Macs SO I’m considering that 2-year mention a strong tell.

Would Apple do that to their users? They sold them (and me) a defective keyboard for 5 years, knowing that it was defective all along. So, yeah, concern for users ain’t high on Timmy Cook’s list. You or I do that, we go to prison for fraud. Timmy just laughs on his way to the bank.