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RemNote (Roam-like web app)

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Posted by merriman-xyz
Jun 27, 2020 at 09:07 AM


Have been messing with it. Some thoughts:

- the hierarchical folder/document organization coupled with the Workflowy/Roam type outlining is useful. I personally often have trouble jumping back into notes in pure outliner software.
- the note system is built around building concepts, which have descriptors and linking concepts, all of which have special notation https://www.remnote.io/a/structuring-knowledge-in-remnote/4cSP28pBtAgrNTLkg
- still trying to figure out all the quirks of the SRS
- UI is quite programmerish
- in my 10 or so hours of use have ran into a few bugs/quriks, but nothing major and no data loss
- has an API if you’re into that sort of thing

Worth a try IMO.