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Curio 14 released

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Posted by Lothar Scholz
May 23, 2020 at 10:50 AM


For me Curio is like a child with OneNote and PowerPoint as parents.

It’s more a graphic program for generating presentations from notes then the note taking itself.

Just like OneNote my huge problems are that all graphic representations become very fast unproductive and too complex when you have lots of notes (and a lot is as small like 50).
Then you cant get around lists and searchs. The only help i get from curio is a better brainstorming during the initial creation. But after this all the lack of easy reorganization is hitting hard.

With mindmaps you have at least some auto layout algorithms that can help you rearrange the data when it becomes big, but then it loses all the benefit of nice and condensed presentation. Curio offers nothing to help you.

I think Tinderbox (which i do not own and never used beyond the 20 notes in the free version) is a bit better then Curio because you can use the outline mode as an equally supported view into your notes.