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Obsidian gets folding

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Posted by Paul Korm
May 22, 2020 at 10:00 PM


I’m confused.  If a feature wasn’t there before but is not, then it’s new (in most universes)—“should have been there” is not relevant.

I think you’re confusing Tinderbox with something else.  There was never a tick box in Tinderbox for [[wiki links]].  There has been a setting like this in DEVONthink preferences since at least the early days of v2.

Ziplinks work in Tinderbox regardless of style applied to the note.  Tinderbox does not edit external files—RTF or plain text or anything else.  Maybe you’re thinking of DEVONthink in this case also?

bvasconcelos wrote:
>The “new” Tinderbox features aren’t new at all, they are just stuff that
>should have been there already a long time ago. For a long time, there
>was a tick box in the preferences to allow [[wiki links]], but it did
>absolutely nothing. It is also worth pointing out that the so-called
>“zip links” do not work with markdown or plaint text, only with rtf
>(which renders it without much worth or use to me).