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Curio 14 released

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Posted by Paul Korm
May 22, 2020 at 02:26 PM


I think the examples shown on Zengobi’s website or in its YouTube channel show what I and (I assume) others do with Curio.

Note taking with Curio?  First question is “what is a note”?  The answer is different for each person I suppose.

I do not use Curio for note taking the way I use Dynalist—Curio is too slow and fiddly for me for use as an outliner.  I don’t use Curio (with macOS Sidecar or similar) to take hand written notes—for the same reasons.  But I do build up visual “note books” with Curio when I want to relate text to media to mind maps, etc., just as shown in the examples I mentioned.  For example, for years I’ve kept a daily journal whose pages resemble collages built up from text snippets, web clips, my own drawings, and other pieces.  Curio works well for me for this.

Like every other character in the CrimpUniverse—“what good is X?”  “It depends.”