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Obsidian gets folding

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Posted by bvasconcelos
May 21, 2020 at 02:19 AM


Luhmann wrote:
> With auto wiki links I can go from page a to pages b, c or d even if
>they don’t mention page a.
> >Please explain. This doesn’t make sense to me. Aliases I understand, and
>both Roam and Obsidian seem to plan to implement this in some form in
>the future, but I don’t understand how a page knows to link to a page
>without any mention of that page (linked or unlinked)?

Page a:
# Ilias

The Iliad begins with the wrath of Achilles.

Page b:
# Wrath
A boiling of the blood around the heart…

In DT3 and VP:
Whilst reading page A, I can go to b (Wrath).

In Roam:
There is no link to page B, since Page B never mentions the “Iliad”. While reading page A, I can only see what other pages mention it. I can’t simply go to every other possible location I would in other systems.

I hope this makes sense.