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Discussion of Roam-like Knowledge Managers

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Posted by washere
Apr 15, 2020 at 07:29 AM


Some markdown apps DO have tree type outline levels display, via Headings levels.

Some have it via CSS theme code like Typora:


Others have it built in, iA Writer (cheap lifetime license, I don’t but anything subscription based, increasingly like many subs-cutters) recent Contents Block Display in second column:


I’ll post a shot of iA with many levels in an example markdown-it file from my laptop (on the phone now) later, showing many tree levels in the tree column, like a traditional outliner.

Another, totally free, with features like iA (dark mode etc) and even more, is QOwnNotes which is updated almost weekly. It’s Navigation Panel also shows headings level like a traditional outliner tree levels.


You can sync both to a free secure private account on Dropbox. Which is better and more private than any snooping developers hard disk rack in his basement, and even safer than free google drive or MS One Drive accounts when their analytics.

Dropbox is more privacy focused. Still ggl/MS are safer, one’s lost alongside billions of other free could accounts and they are policed by themselves. Than at the hands of some guy with a few thousand subscribers who can snoop at will and sell rights to whoever when going belly up.

iA let’s you add Dropbox as a folder area to the first column as a working space, just like your local disk work folder. QOwnNotes sync options are there too, Dropbox or even your own cloud (ownCloud or NextCloud). Of course there is also Joplin which syncs too.

Finally, there are many Wiki systems which are either file based or database based plus: are also markdown based. Most are free.