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Posted by MadaboutDana
Mar 19, 2020 at 09:26 AM


Sorry, I meant to mention the name of the theme that turns Typora into Bear: Ursine (Polar or Umbra). I thoroughly recommend it - it even plays humorously on Bear’s background graphic when no note is loaded, showing a bear cub flying a balloon…

I’m currently using 1Writer as the Typora equivalent on iPad - I’m delighted the developer is still updating this august but excellent app, and only wish he’d go ahead and produce his own macOS version. But hey, Typora makes an excellent companion (although Typora supports tables of contents, whereas 1Writer doesn’t).

The other very powerful macOS/iOS app it’s worth mentioning here is MWeb, which is also perfectly capable of generating good-quality static websites. It’s been around for a while and continues to improve steadily. MWeb also supports nested folders and tagging, which makes it a great deal more powerful than many other markdown editors (apart from the wonderful TextNut, which appears to have died a death, alas). It doesn’t have nested tagging, alas, but nested folders goes a long way to alleviating that.