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CRIMP Defined




Software for bridging gap between notes and digital media

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Posted by Nomatica
Mar 5, 2020 at 04:21 PM


Alas, I am on windows- not Mac and I do not think that will be changing anytime soon.

Scrivener seems geared towards long form writing. It allows one to break down something into parts, but the focus is on the long form and integrating those parts into it.  I do not know if it works well with creating notes related to, about an audio or video file.  About 40 percent of my notes are sourced from audio and video files.  I do get how Scrivener is similar to RoamResearch. I am just trying to imagine how it would work with all the types of files I am trying to bridge the gap between.

@ Dr Andus hat is helpful information. Do you know how it compares to Wikidpad?  I believe that connected text allows you to see your entries and collections in some interesting ways. I used wikidpad for a while and it was nice, however,  entry and organizing was not as quick as I would have liked.  I would like to spend less time on the entering and organizational end and more time working with the information/files that I am collecting.  I would like to automate the input of the file my collection and importing into the system as much as possible.  I have considered Cintanotes based on the ability to create rules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhFM5PVxFz4 for this reason.  Cintanotes also monitors a file you open and saves any changes to the note file http://cintanotes.com/help/file-attachments/.
My understanding is that I can do the same with Infoqube, and that it offers the ability for the notes to be longer form than cintanotes. It is just that there is a learning curve to do it.

Infoqube also integrates with email.  Being able to have an email and its attachments become part of the database would be great. I do not believe that cintanotes can integrate with email.

While I cannot do the automated rules with doogie PIM, it is a nice ready made system that seems like it would take less time getting up and running. It is also portable, like infoqube. 

My files (listed below) are scattered. and I would like to bring them together.  In some way can connect them all. Even better if some of those connections could be made without my having to make them.

Photos Notes (a photo taken to remember something)
Voice Memos (phone & voice recorder)
Saved Web Pages (offline)
Saved pages (read it later)
Screen Captures
Copied Text (win clipboard)
Emails & File attachments
Audio & Video Interviews & and accompanied notes (text)
PDFs, Open/MS word documents, power-point slides
PDF Notes/ Highlights
Scanned Documents, Business cards, Family Artifacts
Notes & Journal entries (text, video & audio)
Hand Written notes with pen and paper then scanned (though I would like to switch to a tablet).
Contacts (Personal, & Business)
Photography & Video files (downloaded from camera)

Oh And spreadsheets. So many spreadsheets:)

Am I correct that Infoqube has this ability? To automate the process of importing, categorizing, tagging etc?  Are there other options I should be considering?