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CRIMP Defined




HyperPlan is so great

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Posted by Andy Brice
Feb 11, 2020 at 01:26 PM


Drewster wrote:
>It’s quite nitpick, so I don’t want to sound mean!

Constructive feedback is always welcome.

>Things like in the sidebar, the labels don’t align with the selector
>boxes, and the ‘gear cog’ icon is non-standard. And when you click one
>of the disclosure titles, it highlights grey for a moment.
> >So nothing major, all fit and finish stuff that I guess is possibly a
>result of the app not being built with the standard macOS AppKit
>environment? (I’m not a programmer, so I guessing a bit.)

Yes, we build the Windows and Mac version from the same C++/Qt code base. This has a lot of advantages for us and the end user. But it also means it is difficult to get 100% fidelity to the Mac look and feel.

The minor misalignments of form elements is a Qt issue and a source of considerable annoyance to me as well. I wish they would fix it. I may be able to use a stylesheet to tweak it slightly.

What do you consider the standard gear cog. The one in the ‘finder’ tool bar?

I will make a note of the greying of the disclosure arrow. It might be an easy fix.

Lots of ideas for major new features in v3.

Andy Brice