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Agenda versus NotePlan

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Posted by Prion
Feb 11, 2020 at 09:15 AM


There is one thing that I find so terribly annoying about Noteplan that despite liking it overall I stopped using it altogether. The calendar and notes are so disconnected that it sometimes feels as though two programs (calendar, notes) have simply been put together in one room but they aren’t talking.

My quick jobs just live in lists associated to days in the calendar, whereas tasks that are associated to projects reside in the projects. When it comes to planning my day, the two dates do appear in the day view in the calendar, but once you schedule them to happen some other day, it only ever applies to the tasks on that day, not the project tasks that are also supposed to be happening that same day, although both appear in the same view nonetheless. To reschedule those project taks, you have to move over to that project, reschedule the tasks for that project, too. Repeat for every task that was sent to day X from any other project.

Am I doing something wrong here? I hear you say I should perhaps just get more done and reschedule less but that is hardly a valid argument in these circles, right?