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Omni roadmap (OmniOutliner on life support)

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Posted by Hugh
Jan 31, 2020 at 10:53 AM


SheetPlanner wrote:
Hey Bob,
>I have not done a comparative analysis of Omni Outliner and SheetPlanner
>but from my perspective the Outlining capabilities of SP are pretty
> >Are there specific features in OO that you would like to see in SP?
> >Peter

> >Bob Spies wrote:
>So you’re representing SheetPlanner as an alternative to OmniOutliner?
>>From your promotional material and the reviews I’ve read, it looks to
>>like an innovative project planning tool with some simple outlining
>>capabilities, but not an industrial strength outliner like

I own licences for both SheetPlanner and OmniOutliner. In my view they are both excellent at what they do best. But what they do best are two different things. I would not for example want to use SP for outlining a novel or a long feature article (together with all sorts of annotations) prior to putting the outline into Scrivener, Ulysses or Word. I would also not want to use OO to plan the scheduling of the writing of that novel, chapter by chapter, or that feature article, section by section (or for that matter, the timeline of a fictional narrative or a factual argument). But I might well use SP for such purposes.