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CintaNotes once more

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Posted by WSP
Jan 11, 2020 at 09:12 PM


Yes, thanks for pointing that out. I trust it will reappear eventually, but these small software outfits sometimes feel as if they are about to vanish without warning.

I confess that, despite my grand pronouncements last year, I had already begun to use CintaNotes less. The big bibliographical project I described earlier was starting to push CN to its limits; I thought about this long and hard, and eventually, a few months ago, I began to shift my notes (copy-and-paste, alas) over into Evernote. I did this very reluctantly, because I still think CN is a surprisingly good app, but I finally faced up to the fact that Evernote, though unpleasantly clunky in some ways, had the versatility and power that I needed.

I hope CintaNotes is still alive and well somewhere in Siberia!