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CRIMP Defined




An app for windows that can index Folders like Devonthink does

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Posted by rafael costacurta
Jan 10, 2020 at 12:22 PM


Listerene wrote:
>Every PIM/2-pane-outliner can import text files & search them.

What I´m looking for is not just the Ability to import, but to Index the file and its content without creating a copy of the file in the PIM database. The file remains in its original folder, and any modification I do to it, can be read by the App.
For exemple, I could edit a .txt file in my iPhone, sync with dropbox e then when I was back to my Mac, the changes where there in Devonthink as well.

>  DT is aVERY useful app. DT (and the enhanced Mac version of Scrivener) are
>basically the only reasons that I use MacOS.

I miss DT and Omnifocus a lot….

For various reasons i´ve decided that I don´t want to live in the Apple shiny and Magical Ecosystem anymore…. and so far I really don´t miss the hardware. I can live very well with an ugly Dell laptop. But all the cool and well thought out productivity apps that only live in there…. It has been a loss…