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CRIMP Defined




An app for windows that can index Folders like Devonthink does

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Posted by Listerene
Jan 10, 2020 at 11:13 AM


Every PIM/2-pane-outliner can import text files & search them. What DevonThink can do that (not many) Windows apps can is relate disparate topics together in logical groupings, on its own using AI (albeit a very simple AI). You can also use PDF’s and most other formats (like Scrivener, Docx, RTF, etc) directly within DevonThink. TheBrain is one which can but it takes a lot of time to understand. DT is a whole lot simpler to understand/use.

If you’re doing research on a complex topic—OR you want to relate multiple topics together in ways that you might not realize— DT is a VERY useful app. DT (and the enhanced Mac version of Scrivener) are basically the only reasons that I use MacOS.

You can, btw, install MacOS on (most) modern desktop PC’s fairly easily; single or dual-boot.. Google hackintosh for more info.There are a lot of (especially used older and cheap) laptops (like older ThinkPads) which can be hackintoshed as well.

You can also, of course, install a Windows guest on a Mac host using a VM like Parallels and run both OS’s together.  It’s a lot more difficult to install a MacOS guest on a Windows host but it’s possible. I don’t have the link handy but there’s a YouTube video from Linus Tech Tips explaining the procedure. VM’s are nice because the guest can be seamlessly integrated into the host, so it (essentially) becomes just another app on the host.