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Academic Workflow - Any Suggestion for an Application/s?

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Posted by Darren McDonald
Nov 29, 2019 at 03:01 PM


Hello Hugh,

I think you finally convinced me to finally jump in and purchase Tinderbox. I can start learning and sculpturing it to the way I work from the New Year.

Also, thank you so much for pointing me to Steve Zeoli’s website. It is very insightful and has provided me with great user tips for other software as well. I remember stumbling onto the site some years ago. It is now wonderful to read it again!


Hugh wrote:

>Darren McDonald wrote:
>Hi Simon,
>>I have been toying for a long time with investing the time and my
>>thoughts into Tinderbox.
>>It would be wonderful if there were videos other than by Beck and such
>>that take you through use of the software. I need visual aids to guide
>>me now. My brain just fogs over lots of texts in a manual.
> >Two suggestions (neither of which may come as a surprise to you):
> >1. Start slowly, initially treating Tinderbox purely as an outliner and
>only later expanding your knowledge of what it can do;
> >2. Consult https://welcometosherwood.wordpress.com/tinderbox/, which
>includes several useful videos and which, though slightly out of date,
>is still as far as I’m concerned by far the best initial guide (and has
>of course been authored by Steve Zeoli of this parish).