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DevonThink 3 versus Tinderbox versus VooDooPad

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Posted by Paul Korm
Nov 28, 2019 at 04:59 PM


Zengobi has a YouTube channel, but there are only a handful of videos.  Videos can take quite a bit of production time, a hard decision for a development shop of one (the case for Zengobi and Eastgate). 

Nothing beats using the software, playing around, figuring out what the different buttons, inspectors, and widgets do, and asking questions in the developers’ forums.  Everything I know about Tinderbox, DEVONthink, Curio, etc., I gained by trial and error, and discussions in the forum and with the developers. 

(FWIW, I understand Eastgate might be producing some videos soon where Mark Bernstein covers some of the basics of Tinderbox.)