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DevonThink 3 versus Tinderbox versus VooDooPad

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Posted by Amontillado
Nov 28, 2019 at 04:24 PM


Ditto this. Curio is not really that complex, once you get into it. It’s more flexible than complex. You can think of it as Microsoft One Note on steroids, and you’re not far off from what it is.

Some things took a little head scratching, like how to turn a text box “figure” (object) into Markdown. It’s easy - a Markdown button appears when you’re in a text figure.

I think Curio is going to completely replace Devonthink for planning writing projects. It’s a little easier to navigate tags in DT, but Curio appears to have a workaround for DT’s “reveal tag” function. You can create saved searches, sort of like DT’s smart groups, based on tags.

References are going to be useful. Imagine notes for a work of fiction. Write an idea space (like a page in a One Note file) for each character. Then write an idea space for each scene/chapter/act/whatever and create reference links to the character.

Now, you can look at the character and get a clickable list of what referred to that character.

Here’s another thought.

You can use an idea space as a corkboard, dropping text figures like index cards. Or, you can drop as many pinboards as you want on an idea space and put your text figures on them. The individual text figures can be resized and moved. The pinboards move as one resizable object. You can move grouped text figures without the pinboard foundation, but you can’t resize a group.

Please correct me if I’ve got any of this wrong. If I’d known what Curio did, I would have already been a user.

One Note has always seemed to be Microsoft’s most useful tool, but as Office mutates, One Note seems to suffer. My One Note files sometimes need to be rebuilt, and it’s just not what I want to use. Aside from a few familiarity things, like finding the Markdown button, Curio is working great for me.

Drewster wrote:
I’d love to see a video. I’m desperate for resources about
>how others use Curio.