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Posted by MadaboutDana
Sep 13, 2019 at 02:44 PM


Hi Alexander,

Ah, I have a somewhat idiosyncratic approach to my own writing - while I use integrated third-party spellcheckers (such as PopClip; macOS only), I also use a variety of tools to double-check my text as I near final output, checking not just the spelling but also things like grammar, word frequency, clarity etc.

I don’t regard any of them as definitive; they simply offer alternative “opinions”, spotting potential weaknesses and allowing me to hone the final result.

They include e.g. Word, LibreOffice, Hemingway Editor, Refly Editor, Novellus, Liquid|Author, Scrivener and others.

It’s a finicky way of working, but since I act as my own copy editor, I like to view my text from as many different “angles” as possible. I will often generate PDFs or ePubs and read through my text on different platforms (e.g. iPad), using various fonts. It’s amazing how different text “feels” in different formats.

This isn’t an approach I would necessarily recommend to others!