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CRIMP Defined




RFC - New Software Project: Infosqueezer

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Posted by Lothar Scholz
Sep 11, 2019 at 10:36 PM


>To follow up on my “database”/file storage question: So the data will be
>stored in a proprietary format on disk? No way to get the data out when
>I decide to stop using your app or when you (one fine day) stop updating
>the software?

Using the Export feature?
I don’t think that the database itself needs to be non proprietary.
I’m not designing the program to stop starting one day and prevent you from using the export menu option.

I have no intention to create a vendor lock in.

But if you use it there will be one automatically because of the unique feature set.
This happens with every program.

There will be exports to plain text markdown, xml, json and OPML natively.

The json and xml file format will be simple and documented and the base for anyone who want to write transformation tools.
I will write at least one transformation tool for html myself.
If you have good ideas i’m listening.

I’m a CRIMPer myself, i know that this is important.