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SheetPlanner 1.2

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Posted by SheetPlanner
Aug 9, 2019 at 03:02 AM


SheetPlanner 1.2 is under development. We plan on releasing it in October.

The following is a high level list of features we will be adding:

Onboarding - Walkthrough and videos to demonstrate features
Undo enhancements - Put rows back in the right place in the outline rather than at the bottom when performing an undo operation
Picture column type - Store pictures in a document with quicklook support
Date & time stamp - Quickly insert a date and or timestamp
Link Reveal in Finder - Reveal linked documents in the Finder
Multi-select in List column type - Select multiple items in a drop down list
Custom cell styles - Apply fonts, sizes and colors to individual rows, overriding the row styles settings
Notifications - Notify rows due via notifications center
Print preview - Preview before printing. Print multiple views simultaneously like Outline and Timeline. Specify columns to be included
Print Month view
Print Year view

Additionally we will have a few other surprises that we will reveal at launch

You can expect the beta cycle to begin in late September.

Thank you