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Messing with Devonthink

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Posted by Simon
Jul 30, 2019 at 08:17 AM


Amontillado wrote:
>+ arrange RTF files in the order I want in Devonthink
>+ click/shift click/command-C to copy the files (particularly their
>names) to the clipboard
>+ open the terminal app and go to an empty directory
>+ run indexfiles (my Python script)
> >That feeds off the clipboard and copies the files out of Devonthink to
>the empty directory, prepending an index number in front of each
>filename. The Nisus “join files” macro will then see the files in the
>order as presented in Devonthink instead of alphabetized based on
>original file name.
> >Devonthink as Scrivener, complete with a compile feature.

Your process sounds a darn sight more “complex” than the three editor windows and compile in Scrivener.