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Interesting Ulysses competitor – subscription-free

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Posted by satis
Jun 14, 2019 at 04:44 PM


Listerene wrote:
> Novellus seems much more like a dumbed-down Scrivener than a Ulysses.

It seems like a Scrivener competitor for $15 less than Scrivener. But it includes the company’s other app, a Scrivener-compatible document and grammar analyzer called PaperEdit, which sells for $15 by itself. If the app runs well and people don’t need all the features of Scrivener, it could fill a niche at the right price.

Lots of niche apps in the Mac sphere. We don’t here much any more about Highland 2, the Markdown-based app by screenwriter John August that is minimalist but has some nice features for writers (goals, sprints, themes, word cloud analysis, revision mode, templates, navigator overview), which I like a lot but struggle to choose instead of Ulysses or IA Writer.