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Interesting Ulysses competitor – subscription-free

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Jun 14, 2019 at 12:47 PM


Hi folks,

Oh dear, should be doing more serious things, but I came across an interesting new writing app quite by chance. Okay, first things first: macOS only, I’m afraid.

It’s only been released very recently, and it’s called Novellus. Many more details can be found at https://novellussoftware.com, and a downloadable trial is available here: https://novellussoftware.com/downloads/Novellus.pkg

Now there are quite a few writing apps about, some better than others. This one really looks quite good, and this is partly because, like Ulysses, you can view “scenes” (as it calls text fragments) either individually, or as part of a sequence. It also has a very powerful grammar/writing checker in the form of the editor from PaperEdit, a separate app which is already quite well known. It also has some nice export options (PDF or ePub) and a pleasantly practical selection of features (so nothing as overwhelming as Scrivener, but still pretty comprehensive).

I’m enjoying it so far, and the developer appears to be responsive (the “download” button on the web page leads straight to the payable app in the Mac App Store, so he sent me a link to the trial version).