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OmniOutliner 3 for iOS

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Posted by satis
May 25, 2019 at 04:00 PM


satis wrote:
I really have trouble with the idea of swallowing $90 for Mac + iOS
>outliner apps, especially when the iOS one is in such woeful shape (and
>$10 more than it would have cost a few days ago if one had bought the
>previous version, with free upgrade).

I just noticed that prices went up (this year?). Essentials for Mac and iOS are now $19.99 each, and the Pro version is $99.99 on the Mac (insane) and $49.99 on iOS, with no bundle pricing. (I know that Apple doesn’t permit bundling, but Ulysses is able to get away with it by including full iOS access if you subscribe to the Mac app, either in the Mac App Store, or as part of the SetApp.com subscription suite.) I own OO Pro for the Mac, and was thinking of getting OO Essentials for iOS, which used to be $9.99, but the price increase stopped me. And if Omni has upgrades any time soon for the Mac app I probably won’t upgrade.

It appears that Omni has decided, with little competition at the high end and with outline apps being a small market niche, that they’ll milk the app’s pricing while keeping it essentially in maintenance mode. Very disappointing.

I recently came across the following review of OO from an author who also uses Scrivener and Ulysses, and the review looked to see if he could integrate OO into his workflow so he could use it with Ulysses instead of using the integrated outlining in Scrivener.


What surprised me most was how apparently useful the outlining mode is in Scrivener. And the conclusion to the review was that OmniOutliner (under the *old* price) was too much for what it offered.

I found this very interesting. I also own Scrivener, but have used it only a couple of times for some longer-form writing, but I may look into its outlining capabilities now.