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Tinderbox 8 is released

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Posted by Dellu
Apr 13, 2019 at 11:28 AM


Devonthink, Bookends and Scrivener are all complex and rick applications. But less people complain about their complexity because the developers gave exhaustive manuals for their applications.

That is not the case with Tinderbox.
Come on Paul, you should not present Tinderbox way as a teaching tool for Tinderbox. It is not. It teaches you little about Tinderbox. I have read it from end to end. It is only conceptual/theoretical hodgepodge on why notes are important, and why we need to use Tinderbox to manage our notes.

I agree with Paul about the forum. It is very helpful forum. Mark Anderson is extremely generous guy. But, the forum never gives the beginner a starting point. The answers almost always assume some basic understanding of the app.

The “getting started” guide that comes with the app is a great startup. That thing needs to grow to a full user manual for TB to be useful and practical for most people.

My personal conclusion after using Tinderbox for many years is this:
it is great, flexible and amazing. It has the great potential. But, it is a great time sink. You will spend more time tinkering with the app than working on your problems. you don’t need any evidence for this: just look at Beck’s videos…how much she wastes fixing this image or that map; adding prototypes or changing the color the note…..it is just waste of time.

A focused academic would finish writing a journal article by the time I spend playing with Tinderbox. Tinderbox will not get me that job. The publication will.