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are we the addicts of the productivity porn?

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Posted by Jeffery Smith
Apr 10, 2019 at 01:05 AM


I’m just such a sufferer. Today, a meeting slipped through the cracks and I could not find the email requesting it. If I had just one productivity app and one email app, it wouldn’t have taken me an hour to establish that I have no idea if I wrote it down. I am inundated in spam, spent half an hour trying to decide between IMindmap, Scrivener, or Curio to use as a corkboard. Tomorrow, I’m going to decide on 1 productivity app (Things, probably), 1 calendar (Fantastical), 1 email app (Mail), and…......Tinderbox, or Evernote, or DevonThink, or Curio, or Notability to keep my notes.  I’m leaning toward Tinderbox.