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CRIMP Defined




Ulysses v15 Released

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Posted by Hugh
Mar 13, 2019 at 11:40 AM


satis wrote:

>Hugh wrote:
>> Compared with Scrivener (say), Ulysses has no real outlining tools.
> >How do you outline in Scrivener?
> >>So the sooner the application can import OPML sheet by sheet, from
>>OmniOutliner without going via Scrivener, the better as far as I’m
>>concerned. I’d been hoping that the latest version might include this
> >As someone who uses Ulysses and recently upgraded to OmniOutliner Pro,
>I’d be very interested in that!

“How do you outline in Scrivener?” I use Scrivener’s own outliner and/or its index card feature.