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Folding *and* Typewriter mode?

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Posted by Dr Dog
Feb 24, 2019 at 05:36 PM


satis wrote:

>Dr Dog wrote:
> >>The length of these notes can run into 3 or 4 thousand in a few hours
>>writing, so I really need typewriter mode (so no Bear) and folding - I
>>often find myself writing in sections (so no Ulysses or Scrivener).
> >The whole philosophy of longform writing in Ulysses is writing in
>sections, aka sheets.
> >Here are a couple of intro/comparison articles you might find useful:
> >https://zapier.com/blog/ulysses-markdown-writing-guide/
> >https://zapier.com/blog/ulysses-scrivener/
> >
Thanks - I’ve had Ulysses for a long time, since it was the very different V.2, and I use regularly for certain kinds of long form writing that don’t require the full Scrivener, but my present case is different and quite specific: it’s definitely folding that I want as this is the way I used to work on exercises like this with an iPad Pro and the now apparently abandoned Editorial.

After a decade of very intensive research and writing (and working mainly in Tinderbox) and with the first draft for the publisher basically finished, I’m really just writing to see what is in my head, what new connections might have germinated in there and might still do during the writing process. I had though that this would actually be an analogue task, especially as I only took to digital half-way through my career, but I don’t seem to be able to summon the hand energy and speed. So far Folding Text seems to be working quite nicely.

Thanks again.