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Folding *and* Typewriter mode?

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Posted by Dr Dog
Feb 23, 2019 at 01:47 PM


I’m getting towards the end of a very long history of medicine project, nearly a decade of research and writing, and for structural reasons I am going through an exercise of writing long extempore ‘notes’ on all of the aspects. It’s working well - helping me re-think and make new connections - BUT none of the apps I currently use (on Mac) do quite what I want.

The length of these notes can run into 3 or 4 thousand in a few hours of writing, so I really need typewriter mode (so no Bear) and folding - I often find myself writing in sections (so no Ulysses or Scrivener). It’d be good to index these in DTPro too, so should I be thinking about a serious text editor of some kind that does both? Or are there other options?

Many thanks.