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Best outliner software for windows ?

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Posted by Jon Polish
Feb 15, 2019 at 05:32 PM


Isn’t the GTK used by NoteCase rather outdated too? It cannot do tables, struggles with encoding, web clips are not faithful, no numbered lists, etc. Even updating to GTK3 will not resolve most of these limitations (I could be wrong about this claim). Don’t misunderstand. I like NoteCase a lot and find it very useful. I imagine it is extremely appealing to those using multiple platforms, but I am just on Windows.


washere wrote:
Jon Polish wrote:
>I see. Thank you for explaining.
> >Pleasure. I don’t recommend new users to buy whizfolders though.
> >I’m moving off from Whizfolders. Well I actually have stopped.
> >It’s written in an ancient SDK.
>Which is why essentially it’s dead and will only receive minor updates,
>nothing major as in others.
> >Converting RTF to markdown needs first converting to docx.
>The similar software which is free, Atomic Scribbler outputs into docx,
>more efficient, nicer to use too and faster to create in.
> >Scribbler also has a modern user interface and is relatively new and
>unlike the dead-end whizfolders has a roadmap of major features planned.
> >Whizfolders will probably have minor tweaks but will slip back into
>abandonware phase again after minor cosmetics which will be it’s final
>resting place.
> >Because it’s easier to rewrite something in modern user interface than
>any major changes. Problem other apps like ConnectedTex are also facing.
>They’re essentially dead, not worth rewriting from scratch in modern
>interface classes. Whiz was a chunky minor app with better alternatives
>but ConnectedText is a tragedy. It was unique.
> >I suggest for people new to outlining on Windows to outline on NoteCase
>Pro, very cheap also free lite versions on many platforms. Then transfer
>notes further up.
> >For small articles or projects use free atomic scribbler, free.
> >For large projects, scrivener windows 3 beta is free, released every few
>months. To be released within a year. Will be relatively cheap, a must
>buy and will sync with their Mac version in a free cloud account too if
>using multi platforms like some of us.
> >Avoiding dying old SDK based apps is always good. Specially if they have
>been comatose abandonware recently. Also it’s much nicer to work in apps
>written in modern interfaces, because they’re much faster and more
>efficient and guaranteed major updates and features for years to come
>depending on developer’s roadmap.
> >If new to Windows outliners then can actually get free versions of below
>and when scrivener 3 is released for under fifty dollars or so, let’s
>face it you better buy it anyway.
> >https://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=40621
> >https://www.atomicscribbler.com
> >http://notecasepro.com/download.php
> >